Autofont APS – Advanced Printing Solutions is a Israeli software company providing advanced printing, output and input solutions. Autofont employees are experts in their field with many years of experience. This team of highly skilled experts forms the main power source of Autofont and the base for its stability. Autofont is the leading company in Israel for printing and scanning solutions.

Our Mission

Provide our customers a reliable infrastructure solution for secure, economic and efficient output-input processing.

In the Netanya R&D center Autofont develops printing and output solutions that improve the organizational work processes and save in organizational resources.

Among the solutions that Autofont provides are:

Secure Printing – Advance printing solutions enabling full control and management of the printers that can save up to 40% of organizational printing costs by utilizing smart printing centers

ChequePrint – Printing financial documents (such as cheques, payment slips) in high quality with highest possible security, all in regular office laser printers equipped with magnetic toner. ChequePrint saves you money and streamlines accounting work.

 Folding and wrapping solutions – “Print to Mail” helps you automatically generate documents from an app to the envelope, ready to mailing. The system produces salary slips, customer letters etc.

Pin Code Printing –  With PinPaper system you can print pin codes, passwords or any other confidential information in any laser printer in high quality and completely secured.

Label Solutions – To complete the printing and scanning solutions, a range of CITIZEN cashier printers, BarTender softwarefor creation of barcodes, barcode scanners by DATALOGIC, smart terminals and more.

Scanning solutions – Autoscan solution enables digital scanning and digital archive of documents (such as invoices, contracts, documents, delivery certificaes etc).

Our Vision

Provide our customers a reliable infrastructure solution for secure, economic and efficient output-input processing

Professionalism – we act out of our commitment for excellence. We are experts in our field and we are committed for an on-going learning, improvement and development processes.

Service – Our customers’ needs are our top priorities. We do our best to support our customers with total solutions and services of the highest standard.

Innovation and Initiatives – We constantly strive to present and deliver advanced and innovative solutions. We encourage & support any initiatives and involvement of our employees.

Listening & Responsibility – We listen to our customers, employees and vendors and we act in responsibility and with care for their needs

Team work – we deeply believe in team work, open communication channels and sharing of ideas and talents. Our success is based on our ability to work as one entity that emphasizes the unique abilities and advantages of every one of our team members.

Our Offering

Autofont APS – Offering a wide range of advanced printing and scanning solutions from leading Israeli & global companies.

Docomotion (formerly FreeForm) – Developer of Docomotion cloud solution and FreeForm on-premise solution for the production of smart personalized interactive content and its distribution. (Docomotion)

Among the group’s customers are many banks such as: Leumi, Discount, The Benleumi group, Mizrachi as well as leading insurance companies such as Clal and Bitu’ach Yashir.

ICSC – The Israeli HP support center for printers, PCs, scanners, talets etc.

Autofont was established in 1990 and it provided HP an advanced solution for design and creation of scalable fonts for printers. Using this solution Autofont developed for HP fonts for non-Latin languages such as Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Greek and a few more Asian languages. These fonts still are installed in all HP printers.

The accumulated knowledge and expertise in generating output were the base for the development of many printing solutions along the years. The company grew bigger and focused on developing output solutions with emphasize on banking industry, setting unique demands and challenges such as a high level of operational credibility and quick recovery from disaster situations, short response times, management of multi end points and integration with existing legacy systems.

In the beginning of 2000,  with the understanding of market trends and coming changes in output management  & digital office (from high use of paper to digital channels), the company started developing FreeForm as an innovative platform for management & generation of all organizational output in a wide range of distribution channels. All done in simple, easy to manage and economic solution.

Autofont sees its goal in developing and providing new solutions for all business organizations with a wide range of products in the highest available standards. Answering our customers’ high expectations and acting to their complete satisfaction will always be a top priority for us.